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Makassed Hospital

Makassed Islamic Charitable Society was officially established in 1956. It is a Palestinian non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides diversified humanitarian services in the Holy Land in accordance with its by-laws, without discrimination by color, religion, creed, or political belief.

In 1964, the society began construction of the hospital on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The hospital was officially inaugurated in 1968 as a small community hospital with several departments and a limited number of beds.  

Makassed Hospital today is the leading medical center in Palestine, providing secondary and tertiary health services for all citizens of Palestine .  

Now the Makassed Hospital has 250 beds and is staffed by 750 employees. 


Pediatric Cardiac Unit

Pediatric heart diseases, especially congenital heart malformations are considered to be one of the most common curable malformation in the pediatric age , hence the necessity to have a pediatric cardiac unit capable of treating such malformations.
At Makassed the pediatric cardiac unit was founded in 2003. It’s the only unit that provides such treatment in the West Bank and Gaza such as:

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