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Pediatric Cardiac Unit

Pediatric heart diseases, especially congenital heart malformations are considered to be one of the most common curable malformation in the pediatric age , hence the necessity to have a pediatric cardiac unit capable of treating such malformations.
At Makassed the pediatric cardiac unit was founded in 2003. It’s the only unit that provides such treatment in the West Bank and Gaza such as:

1-Surgical treatment of congenital heart malformations.
2-Medical treatment of heart diseases.
3-Interventional cardiology.
4-Pediatric cardiac intensive care unit. (PCICU).
5-Outpatient clinic every Thursday.
6- Fetal echo every wednesday.

The PCICU includes Ten fully equipped beds. Due to the increasing numbers of referrals of children with heart diseases needing treatment, the PCICU will be expanded to 15 beds. Since most of the treatment in Pediatric heart diseases is surgical, the unit has at its disposition a separate pediatric cardiac operating room, as well as separate bypass machine.


The Pediatric Cardiac Department is headed by Dr. Nizar Hijjeh consultant in  Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.

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Surgeries are provided by Dr. Nizar Hijjeh who is experts in this field since Makassed is always keen  to provide the best medical services. The average number of surgeries done per year is more than 200 cases. The interventional and Diagnostic catheterization cases are in average more than 200 per year, including very complicated surgeries.

The overall mortality of pediatric cardiac surgeries is 3.2%, an international acceptable figure.  

Future plan includes:

  • Expansion of the capacity so as to treat more than 400 cases yearly in the coming five years.
  • Expansion of the services to include electrophysiological diagnosis and treatment.
  • Increasing the human manpower so as to meet the needs of our future plan.
  • Starting to work on VAD and ECMO
  • Doing heart transplantation.


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